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What services does Soapin offer?

By Soapin on March 21, 2018

Our first goal is to deliver clean clothes in the palm of our client’s hands.  Second is to have the most robust offering that goes beyond dry cleaning. With this in mind we offer a  plethora of options.

Let us show you why Soapin is the best dry cleaning option near you.

Laundry Service (Wash and Fold)

Our wash and fold laundry service go beyond the regular wash cycle.  Our garment specialists see an assortment of fabrics for which they have become experts. Trust that all of your items will arrive fresh, clean and neatly folded.



Sometimes you just want to do things yourself. We get it. Wash and dry your clothes and arrange for us to iron.  Schedule your preferred pick up and drop off time and our professional will press and neatly hang your garments.


Dry Cleaning

We are proud to say we offer a proprietary 5 point dry cleaning system. This assures your wardrobe will come back clean and in excellent condition. We can also accommodate same day dry cleaning at an additional fee.



From small to larger tears our tailors are equipped to handle it. If you have a significant alteration, our garment professionals can even measure you at your home when they arrive to pick up your clothing items.



When it comes to both leather and fur, these items require specialty care.  We have gone to great strides to ensure that our staff is well informed and trained to handle garments with particular needs.


Wedding Gowns

The embodiment of your special day the wedding gown is one of the most precious items that we receive from our clients. All gowns are prepared correctly and treated like the priceless items that they are.


“When I searched for someone to clean my dress after my wedding, I thought I needed to find a specialist. Then my wedding planner told me about Soapin I assumed they were like most dry cleaners near me or a one price dry cleaner. They turned out to be an excellent service returned my dress in the same condition it was before my 5-hour reception and non-stop dancing with my husband. I now use them for my regular dry cleaning.” – Maria Gomez.


Household Items

Cleaning household items may not be on your priority list, but they are on ours. Regular maintenance can reduce allergens and increase the longevity of those items.



The initial purchase process of a rug is not only time consuming but also an investment. Keep them in top condition. We can help you with regular maintenance without the extra work on your part.


Stuffed Toys

These plushy friends provide comfort and sometimes even help keep away the monsters. They also go in children’s mouths, travel to all sorts of places and stained with all kinds of stuff. It’s important to keep them bacteria free.


Are you ready to let our detail-oriented garment expert take excellent care of your items? Start leaving your weeknights and weekend time for better things than washing. Schedule your pick up and delivery at the times that are the most convenient for you.

Use our website or app to schedule, and we will take care of the rest.

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